11 Major Color Street Release Dates To Know

There are 2 major Color Street release dates throughout the year which are the spring and fall catalogs. These are generally 20+ new colors and designs that will be consistently restocked until the next catalog release. They essentially make up the bulk of the Color Street line up. However, there are many other smaller collections that get released throughout the year as well. See below for the approximate timeline, but keep in mind these aren’t SPECIFIC dates as they can change every year. You can see what’s available right now for designs online.

Updated December 4, 2021

This list doesn’t include any foundation set launches as those months can change every year. You can see the 2021/2022 Foundation Calendar to see what’s coming next!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is typically one of our biggest of the smaller releases because red, pink and hearts are so popular! You’ll be able to catch these designs within the first 2 weeks of January. See for yourself how festive the Valentine’s Day collection is.

St. Patrick’s Day

This is when all the green and gold comes out! In previous years this was a larger collection of about 4-5 different glitters and designs. However, in 2021 they downsized to two different glitters that you can check out here. This collection typically comes out around the beginning of February.

Color Street release date themes for January, February, March


If you love bunnies and Easter eggs, this will be a top favorite in your collection! This Color Street release date is around the beginning of March, but it can change based on the date of Easter.


Spring is the first big Color Street release date and the first major fresh update of the catalog. That means that these colors and designs will be restocked every time that they sell out. They are not limited edition/limited supply like the smaller launches. This is typically announced mid March and there are usually pastel colors, butterflies, and flowers included within the designs.

Color Street Spring 2021 Collection launches Tuesday March 16. See all the new designs and what’s sticking around!

4th of July

Did you know that Color Street is 100% manufactured in the USA? That gives more meaning to the red, white, and blue nail polish strips that come out in the beginning of May. However, last year they postponed them into June, but I think that was simply because of the pandemic and learning how to manage production.

You may be wondering why so early for patriotic nail art? Well if you think about it, Memorial Day is in May and Flag Day is June 14. That gives you nail art to wear for all these different summer USA holidays before Independence Day!

Color Street releases date themes for May and July

Summer Fun

After the Spring launch there’s always something fun they launch during the summer. There’s no holiday attached to it so I just labeled this category as “summer fun.” Last year in 2020 this launch included neon colors and beachy themes to get you excited for summer vacations and trips! This collection launches in the beginning of July.


The fall Color Street release date is probably my favorite! Fall is my favorite season so I’m already in a happy mood, but the deep colors that they include are really top notch. You can expect these designs to launch around that first week of September. This is the second big launch of the year with 15+ new colors and designs. Just like the spring collection, these will also get continuously restocked throughout the year – usually until the next spring collection. If you’re lucky, some get put into the lineup forever like Tokyo Lights! That color has been around since the beginning because it’s so popular.

See all 26 new colors for the Color Street Fall 2021 launch!


Our Halloween designs are ALWAYS top notch which makes this Color Street release date highly anticipated. There’s always something with jack o lanterns, ghosts, and glitter. You won’t want to miss this launch around the end of September. This is also the only time Color Street has made glow in the dark nail polish strips! You can bet that every launch there will be at least one to choose from.

The Color Street Halloween 2021 launch has arrived!

Color Street release date themes for September, October, and November


I hope you like turkey because the Thanksgiving Color Street release date always has turkeys! They also include a glitter or two to balance it out for those who aren’t into the designs. It’s always fun to see what they come up with to match post-dinner sweatpants! Catch these designs within the first couple weeks of October.


The Christmas/Holiday Color Street release date is typically one of our larger collections of the smaller launches with about 10 new designs. It can include everything from snowflakes to sweater designs to santas! There’s something for everyone including the kiddos. Be on the look out for this Christmas magic at the end of October. That way there’s plenty of time to use those winter wonderland nail designs throughout the winter season. I’m hoping 2021 Color Street will add in designs for Hanukkah as they have not done that previously, but only time will tell!

I’ve put together a Color Street Christmas Combo 2021 color guide to help inspire your festive holiday manicure!

Black Friday

Notably a busy and exciting holiday for shoppers, Color Street takes advantage of it and designs something special for us! This typically starts on Black Friday and extends through the weekend, or while supplies last. However, keep in mind that there has been glitters in previous years that have completely sold out in 2 hours after launch!

In 2021, Color Street changed things up with a Promo-vember with a new deal every week all throughout the month of November!

That about wraps it up for the Color Street release date timeline. Again, this does not include any Color Street Foundation launches or mini collections that are new as of 2021. Those are just to inconsistent to include here, but you can definitely see the Foundation calendar here.

What holidays or seasonal launches do you hope Color Street includes next?


Infographic showing Color Street release date order and themes

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