Exclusive Color Street Foundation Calendar 20/21

Color Street’s national conference was last week and they hyped us up, gave us recognition, and showed us all the new things coming! One of those things was the details of the Color Street Foundation Calendar 20/21 year.

See what’s in store for the Color Street Foundation Calendar 21/22 year!

Updated August 22, 2021

The Color Street Foundation was developed to give back to the community. During the inauguration of the foundation, our founder and CEO donated $1 million to get it off the ground! There will be a specially designed nail polish strip for each foundation month and for each one ordered Color Street donates $2! More information on the Color Street Foundation can be found on the Color Street website.

The sets launched part of the Color Street Foundation calendar 20/21 are always limited quantity and only available while supplies last. Join my community on Facebook to be the first to know when they are launched to guarantee that you are able to get yours! The biggest foundations always sell out quickly!

Are you new to Color Street or nail polish strips in general? Get a quick introduction to the product and why it is changing the nail polish world.

2020/2021 Calendar

Below is the outline for the Color Street Foundation calendar 20/21. There are 7 different causes that will have exclusive strips designed for them.

Photo of Color Street Foundation Calendar 20/21

Current Releases

February 2021 is for domestic violence awareness! Find out which foundations got donations and what the exclusive design looks like by heading here!

March 2021 Autoimmune disease awareness design launches 3/2/21! Make sure to head here to see the new design!

I did not write an article about the May Brain Cancer awareness nail polish strip. It was called Mind Matters and was a beautiful dark silvery gray glitter. As someone in a family that was affected by brain cancer, specifically glioblastoma, this cause hit me deep.

One of the best things about the Color Street Foundation calendar 20/21 is that almost everyone will know someone or be someone affected by one of these causes. It brings us all together in a humbling way that only a caring community can. Color Street has been and always will be supportive of all of its Stylists and customers.

Past Successes

Color Street has a history of raising significant amounts of money for all their foundations. Here are some of the past successes with the Color Street Foundation! The entire list of charities donated to can be found on the Color Street website.

Autism Awareness 2018 – These strips were so popular that 10,000 were sold in under 1 hour! $60,000 was raised from the nail polish strips alone, but at the 2018 Conference our CEO donated another $40,000!

Breast Cancer Awareness – This is the most celebrated charity so far within Color Street. We are going on a THIRD year of raising money for this amazing cause having already raised $235,000 for different organizations. Last year was the first year Color Street offered 2 different designs for one cause; a glitter and a design! I can’t wait to see what the next designs are!

Alzheimer’s Awareness – As a debilitating disease that has little treatment and no cure, this cause was near and dear to many Stylists and customers alike. There was no difficulty in raising $100,000 either!

Which causes on the Color Street Foundation calendar 20/21 are you most excited for? Follow me on social media and let me know which one you can’t wait to support!


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Intro to Color Street Foundation calendar 20/21 year

22 thoughts on “Exclusive Color Street Foundation Calendar 20/21”

    1. Yes! That cause is top on my list as well. My brother in law’s father died of that as well as my sister in law’s mother. It’s a terrible disease that shows no mercy… I will be recommending it to Color Street!

    1. They did do a suicide awareness design last year in 2019, but it didn’t include the semi-colon design. I have no doubt that Color Street will design another for suicide prevention and awareness in the coming years because they know how near and dear it is to people. I will definitely recommend “Project ;” as a recipient for the next time they do it, too!

      1. oh Sherri I’m so sorry to hear about your losses! I can’t even imagine what your family is going through. Rest assured that Color Street has done a suicide prevention design previously in 2019 and raised $100,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I hope it will end up on their list again in the future, though. <3

  1. I am disappointed sexual assault awareness did not make the “cut”. Awareness month is April. I also found it odd that domestic violence awareness will release in February when awareness month is October. I love that Color Street does this. I do not love how they pick and choose what cause is worthy of support.

    1. We’ve actually already done a special strip for sexual assault awareness, prevention, and survivor support in July 2019 (not that it doesn’t deserve another shot!). It was a beautiful dipped glitter overlay. The two organizations the money went to was PAVE (promoting awareness victim empowerment) and RAINN (rape, abuse & incest national network). I hope you feel better knowing that we have supporting that cause in the past and hopefully we’ll see them do it again in the future! Thanks again!

    1. I don’t get to choose which foundations Color Street decides to donate to as I’m just an independent stylist, but I will definitely let them know that ALS should be considered next! Thank you!

    1. Welcome to the Stylist community Margie! Hope you’re loving being a Stylist so far! Those are great requests. We have previous done a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s, but it would be great to see it come around again!

  2. Please bring the diabetes awareness ones back please.. my daughter is a TD1 and I was not know about the wonderful products when you did this set..

  3. I just started selling CS and I’m so hooked! I have lost my immediate family due to overdoses. August is OD awareness month. I was wondering if anything will be considered?

    1. Hey Jana. I’m so sorry to hear about how your family has been affected by addiction and overdose. The current Foundation Calendar only goes through May 2021. The rest of the year and into 2022 will be announced at the annual conference this year in July! You can always suggest things to Color Street by email!

    2. Jennifer Callicutt

      This is a huge one on my heart as well.

      As well as something with a semi-colon which covers a lot of areas.

    1. Jennifer Callicutt

      Yes yes yes yes and yes!!! I am a C-Section mama twice over!! I would buy stock in this set

  4. Sabrina Watson

    Love the Awareness Color Street nails. Please, Please ,Please bring them back again and again. Old designs and new ones.

    1. Color Street won’t stop making these and donating to amazing different causes! It’s one of my favorite things about them too!

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