30+ Unique Ways to Use Nail Polish Strips

After finishing up your manicure or pedicure using nail polish strips (I recommend Color Street – the only true 100% nail polish strips) you’re going to have some left over. You could throw them away or save for your next manicure. However, I think the best option is to find DIY unique ways to use nail polish strips. The glitters and designs are so pretty it’s easy to repurpose them!

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Updated September 11, 2023

My list of 30+ unique ways to use old nail polish strips


  • end table
  • coffee table
  • desk
  • vanity


  • picture frame
  • magnets
  • mirror
  • coasters
  • paperweight
  • lamp
  • flower pot


  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • necklaces
  • keychain
  • lapel/lanyard pins


  • Planner
  • Journal
  • Folders
  • Greeting cards
  • invitations
  • presents
  • clipboard
  • notebook
  • scrapbook


  • Phone case
  • Remote
  • Phone charger
  • laptop
  • camera case
  • tablet case


  • Helmet
  • Roller skates
  • knee/elbow pads
  • fishing lure


  • water bottle
  • passport cover
  • cooler
  • hard suitcase

All these ideas work great for nail polish strips, but some really only work when they’re fresh. For example, if you’re going to use them like a sticker you really need to either save them or put them on your project immediately. However, some projects such as with resin don’t require sticky strips at all!

Do your nail strips/wraps require heat? No problem! Instead of putting them on your nails after heating them up, apply them to whatever surface you choose! Don’t let the difference in type of product stop you from being creative.

My Favorites

The easiest and best way to use old nail polish strips is to make decals! You can buy fairly inexpensive craft hole punches and use them to punch little nail decals out. This works best if there is still a little life in the strip. If you’re using Color Street, make sure to peel off the clear plastic layer before punching and use a tweezers/cuticle stick to grab them. And always seal with a top coat or Clear As Day Color Street. This also works for brand new strips as well! There’s just more stick to those.

Image of using craft punches to make decals out of old nail polish strips

One of my favorite ways to DIY with old nail polish strips is making my own glitter collage on a clear cell phone case! This one is extremely easy because I’m guessing you always have your phone nearby when doing your nails. After you take your 100 nailfies (don’t lie), simply slap a few onto the back of your case! Don’t have a case? If you have an iPhone I recommend this one.

Image of cell phone case with old nail polish strips on it

It’s no secret that fish are attracted to shiny things! And I promise you there is very little more glittery and shiny than Color Street nail polish strips! Use your left overs to apply to your favorite fishing lure and get noticed by the fish.

Please DO NOT use any old nail polish strips on animal nails/claws. While the strips themselves are harmless, nail polish remover is not and can make animals sick. Let’s keep things cruelty free!

Another easy phone related DIY is great for those of you with kids or spouses that all have similar phones. If you don’t want people using YOUR phone charger or headphones, simply put a strip around the cord in the color of your choice! It’s instant color coding for a big family. Speaking of chargers, if you’re like me you probably can’t have enough and I’m in love with this one!

Image of iPhone charger with old nail polish strips on them

Resin art and DIY jewelry has become increasingly popular among artists and DIYers like ourselves. It looks great with glitter thus making it great for old nail polish strips! Love a particular color or design so much? Make jewelry out of it and wear it wherever you go even if not on your nails. You can follow my tutorial on how to make earrings to start with!

Everyone loves to get the most out of their money and the products they buy. Nail polish strips are no different. You’re bound to have leftovers when they come in 16 different sizes like Color Street does! Getting creative has never been so easy.

With so many unique ways to use nail polish strips, what do you make first?

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