30+ Incredibly Festive Color Street Christmas 2021 Combos To Try This Year

They say that Christmas is a magical time of year – full of wonder and excitement. It’s easy to deck the halls and put ornaments on the beautiful Christmas tree, but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with ideas for your Color Street nail art. Use this Color Guide full of Color Street Christmas 2021 combos to get inspired!

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Christmas Trees

There’s nothing that screams Christmas more than a christmas tree! If you really want to start feeling festive and getting into the holiday spirit, wearing christmas trees on your nails is a perfect way!

Color Street Christmas 2021 combos with trees
Gaelic Greenery + Chelsea Ya Later (doubled) + Swiss and Tell
Queen of Green (retired) + Chelsea Ya Later + Havana Honey (doubled)

Don’t like the fake squiggle trees? Here are some easy ways to get realistic looking trees for your Color Street Christmas 2021 combos! The nailfie below is my favorite because it looks like beautiful snow covered pine trees. Those always look so beautiful after a fresh snow.

Wood you Rather + She’s a Trooper + Amazing Greige + Over The Moon

This is another great realistic tree with some decorations on it. This Stylist used the same color for all the ornaments, but you could easily use up some old strips to make them multicolored!

Bad Blood + Under The Mistletoe + Gaelic Greenery + Chelsea Ya Later
Wood You Rather? + Fort Worth It + Pop It Like It’s Hot (white strip)


While snowflakes don’t necessarily scream Christmas, they definitely scream winter and all the magic that snow brings! I think snowflakes should be on everyone’s list for Color Street Christmas 2021 combos. Even if you just have one nail with a snowflake on it, it can really add to it!

A-Lister + Shangri-La + Snowflake craft punch
Secret Santa + Cran-tastic
Snowman’s Land + Secret Santa + Plaid About You
Ice Ice Maybe + Blue in Peru + Fort Worth It

Character (Santa, Gingerbread men)

Upper East Side + Chelsea Ya Later + Midnight In Manhattan + Swiss and Tell + Cran-tastic + Queen of Green
Secret Santa + Soho-ver It + Home Sleet Home + Under the Mistletoe
All fired Up + Snowman’s Land + Midnight in Manhattan
Penguin Party + Shape Shifter + Strobe Lights + Most Definitely


Swiss and Tell + Beijing Beauty + Queen of Green + Over the Moon + Under the Mistletoe
Bad Blood + Brave and Bold + Bee You (light pink solid only) + Glittersweet

Reindeer (A Dashing Time)

I would say the nail strip that makes up the most Color Street Christmas 2021 combos would be A Dashing Time! This year is the first time there has been a clear nail strip that has sweater accents as well as reindeer accents. It complements everything so well it’s no surprise many people are using it.

A Dashing Time + Most Definitely
A Dashing Time + Cran-tastic + Gaelic Greenery
Swiss and Tell + Beijing Beauty + gold from It’s a Hoot + Baton Rougey + A Dashing Time
Amazing Greige + A Dashing Time + Plaid About You

But you know, if you don’t like the sweater style reindeer of A Dashing Time, you can simply make your own with other Color Street nail strips! This nailfie below is adorable and uses Tokyo Lights as the reindeer’s nose.

Manchester Mauve + Swiss and Tell + Tokyo Lights + At the Plaza + Made in Milan
Bad Blood + Cran-tastic + Swiss and Tell + Sahara Jewel

Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid is very popular during the fall/winter time as well. It seems to mix well to create some beautiful Color Street Christmas 2021 combos. This is a great design for someone who doesn’t want to be so overtly Christmasy, but still wants to feel the season.

Good Girls Gone Plaid + Between the Lines over Swiss and Tell + Golden Girly over French Tip + Take Meowt

I love how this nailfie below uses the peakaboo gold under the black as well as the reindeer and buffalo plaid! It’s perfect!

Mojave gold + Midnight in Manhattan + Bad Blood + Plaid about you + A dashing time
Cran-tastic + Plaid About You + Home Sleet Home + A Dashing Time

Christmas Lights


Light the Night + Cran-tastic + Gaelic Greenery



Glittersweet + Cran-tastic + Berry Merry
Color Street Christmas 2021 combos to make a christmas wreath
Bad Blood + Over the Moon + Wrap It Up + She’s A Trooper + Wood You Rather + Swiss and Tell


And finally, the miscellaneous category. Nailfies that deserve to be apart of the Color Street Christmas 2021 combos page, but don’t quite fit into their own categories. These designs are not less than those above!

Feeling Pine + Over the Moon + Wrap it Up
Gaelic Greenery + Bad Blood + Under the Mistletoe

The nailfie below gives me so many earthy brown paper gift wrap vibes! Everything was covered with a matte top coat to give it that “no shine” look which really makes it pop!

London Calling + She’s a Trooper + Between the Lines + Amazing Greige + Berlin It to Win It + Plaid About You + Giza Sands
Home Sleet Home + Under the Mistletoe
Winter Bow-mance + Cran-tastic + Clear As Day
Swiss and Tell + Shape Shifter + Deep Diving + Ice Castle + Northern Wonder

Have a holly jolly Christmas and some create some of your own amazing Color Street Christmas 2021 combos!


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