Unique Newspaper Nail Art with Color Street

One of the best tried and true DIY hacks is the newspaper nail art technique. It allows you to transfer words from newspaper right onto your nail. This is huge in the DIY nail art scene because of how tricky it is to write small and clearly with nail polish – not to mention how long that takes compared to this. However, because Color Street nail polish strips are 100% nail polish, this technique works great with it as well. Let me show you how to get the same look with the newspaper nail art with Color Street.

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Products Needed

Newspaper nail art with Color Street Tutorial

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do newspaper nail art with Color Street. With only a couple extra items you’ll have unique nail art in now time.

The first thing you’ll need for this look is a high quality base coat. Myself and countless others swear by OPI Nail Envy. It works great with Color Street nail polish strips. While this step isn’t mandatory, it’s a great way to protect your nails and keep them strong. There are base coats for many different purposes, too such as ridge filling and bonding if you have difficulty with your Color Street sticking.

step one is to apply a base coat for newspaper nail art with Color Street

Once the base coat dries (which doesn’t take more than a couple minutes) you’ll apply your Color Street strips like normal. In this tutorial I used the color Breaking Plaid. The newspaper nail art with Color Street works best if you use a solid color. You won’t likely see the letters well if you use a design or glitter.

If the set you’re using doesn’t have solid strips already included, you can use solid strips from a previous set that you’ve saved. You can learn how to save your extra Color Street strips here if you don’t already know how.

Make sure that when you’re cutting your newspaper that you cut a small enough piece to be able to handle easily. You’ll also want to use a small text size, unless you want only 1-2 letters to show on the nail.

I tried to use the works Christmas and Thanksgiving, but forgot that my nails are teeny tiny. Oops.

Next comes the fun part of the newspaper nail art with Color Street – transferring the ink to your nail(s)!

I simply poured some of the rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol into the cap and dipped my finger into it long enough to get it damp. Then I positioned the newspaper over the nail and pressed down. You want to press down hard enough, but not too long where the alcohol evaporates drying to the nail.

If your newspaper is stuck to the nail, drop some alcohol back onto the nail and that should moisten it enough to remove completely from the nail.

I also tried dipping the newspaper into the rubbing alcohol first and then applying to the nail. This worked just as well – so whichever technique you prefer is the way to go.

If some of the newspaper ink transferred to the skin around your nail, you can dip a Q-tip into the rubbing alcohol or some nail polish remover. Rub the area you don’t want the ink to be and it should remove easily.

The final step will be to protect your new newspaper nail art with Color Street! I chose to use a matte top coat to get the desired look that I wanted. However, you could use any top coat you want or even Clear As Day if you don’t want any dry time.

I’m pretty happy with how these turned out! While this particular example is a great example for a Fall Color Street combo, you could easily use this tutorial for any season. I think I’ll probably give this another go for Christmas or Valentine’s Day with some pink and red.

Have you tried newspaper nail art with Color Street before? I’d love to see some nailfies!


Create easy newspaper nail art with Color Street nail polish strips using rubbing alcohol

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