The 20+ Best Color Street Ombre Combinations For Every Season

A Color Street ombre mani is a great way to be stylish and creative without too much design. However, sometimes it’s hard to decide which colors match closely with others. That’s where this guide comes in. These are the best Color Street ombre combinations that I’ve found to share with you!

First, what exactly is an ombre? By definition (according to Merriam Webster) – an ombre is “having colors or tones that shade into each other.” Still not sure what that means? Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see some great examples!

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Spring Ombre

Pink Color Street ombre manis like this one below are great for Valentine’s Day. It’s simple, but you could also add to it with heart hole punches or nail art stickers.

Pointer finger to pinky: Munich Mulberry + No Way San Jose + Havana Honey + Swiss and Tell
Thumb to pinky: Oslo and Steady, Snake My Day + Wood You Rather + Scot Topic + Oslo and Stead
Thumb to pinky: Aspen Sky + Deep Diving + Greeking Out + Fortune Teller + Aspen Sky (Shape Shifter over all fingers)
Thumb to pinky: Swiss and Tell + Giza Sands + Amazing Greige + Havana Honey + Upper East Side
Thumb to pinky: Swiss and Tell (amazing Greige under) + Havana Honey + Giza Sands + Amazing Greige + Upper East side (amazing Greige under) – Shape Shifter over all fingers
Thumb to pinky: Breaking Plaid + Lima Lemons + Belgian Buttercup + Show and Shell + Swiss and Tell
Thumb to pinky: Saigon Queen + Napa Grappa + Fashion Prague-er + Windy City + Swiss and Tell

Summer Ombre

The nice thing about summer is that you can’t pick a bad color especially if it’s bright. The first Color Street ombre mani for summer listed here utilizes different ombre strips themselves! When you lay them horizontal instead of vertical you can blend from finger to finger.

Thumb to Pinky: Paint the Town + Long Time No Sea + It Takes Tucson + Til the Glitter End + Coral Bay

I know this next one is pink, but because it’s got brighter colors I decided to put it into the summer section.

Thumb to pinky: How Rome-antic + Glittersweet over Shockwave + Pink Paradise + Czech Me Out + Wannabe over Swiss and Tell

This next summer Color Street ombre isn’t a “true” ombre, but these colors sure look great together! Hard to miss those nails.

Thumb to pinky: Shockwave + Electric City + Kilowatt + Fortune teller + Shockwave
Thumb to pinky: Ecuador-able (base on all) + Havana Honey (middle) + City of Love (doubled on ring, and over havana honey) + Nuclear Fuchsian

Fall ombre

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love all the changing leaves and deep colors. Not to mention it’s the perfect temperature – cool, but not necessarily cold. These Color Street ombre combinations just scream fall!

Color Street ombre combination for Fall with red, orange, and yellow
Thumb to pinky: Cran-tastic + Cran-tastic with Alter Ego overlay + Breaking Plaid (yellow solid) with Alter Ego overlay + Breaking Plaid

This next Color Street ombre combination isn’t a traditional ombre by the definition, but these colors go so well together I had to include it in this guide! And then add in Tokyo Lights to complete the shine! You can see my other She’s A Trooper combinations or Deep Diving Combinations if you love those colors.

Thumb to pinky: No way San Jose with city of love layered over + No way San Jose + How you dune + Aberdeen Aubergine with city of love layered on top + Aberdeen Aubergine
Thumb to pinky: Oslo and steady doubled + Kilowatt with Oslo and steady layered on top + She’s a trooper + Wood you rather with Oslo and steady + Wood you rather
Thumb to pinky: Brownie Points + Sahara Jewel + Coming in Hot + Seattle Royale + Mojave Gold

Winter ombre

Typically when you think of winter colors you think blue and white (aka snow). But it doesn’t have to be! This first Color Street ombre mani has purple and white tones.

Thumb to pinky: full sale ahead with Glamsterdam over + Aspen Sky Glamsterdam over + Glamsterdam with Snow Biz over + Swiss and Tell with Snow Biz over +Swiss and Tell with Home Sleet Home over

and keeping with the purple theme, here’s another great one!

Thumb to pinky: Night Terror + Ibiza Nights + 1 in 4 + Glamsterdam + I Want Scandi + Candied Lavender over all
Thumb to pinky: Windy City + Glamsterdam + Everyday I’m Sparkling + Ibiza Nights + Prism Break over Aberdeen Aubergine

Next are some of the more traditional winter Color Street ombre combinations. There’s never anything wrong with something traditional and safe. You can’t deny how great the colors look against a winter background.

Thumb to pinky: Home Sleet Home over Swiss and Tell + Home Sleet Home over Moon River + Ice Ice Maybe over Moon River + Moon River + Blue in Peru

And with winter comes New Years! Here are a New Years Eve celebration Color Street ombre combination!

Thumb to pinky: Midnight in Manhattan + Wannabe over Midnight in Manhattan + Mind Matters + Forth Worth It + Home Sleet Home

Stay tuned as I will continuously update this guide as I create and find new combinations to share!


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  1. I LOVE THESE!!! Thanks for listing the colors used with each mani. I can’t wait to try some of them!!

    1. I’m so glad! That’s why I put together these Color Guides! So that you can use them as inspiration and know which colors you need to recreate it!

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