Color Street Combos for Summer 2021

I’ve compiled some of the best and unique Color Street combos for summer 2021! Look no further for your inspiration and be in awe of how amazing these nailfies are. Whether you’re looking for a vacation manicure/pedicure or just something to brighten up your day, there’s inspiration for everyone. This inspiration doesn’t need to stop at Color Street either. Even if you don’t even use nail polish strips of any kind, these can be helpful when trying to figure out your next set of nail art.

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Do you love Color Street, but it just doesn’t seem to love you back when you try to use it? Don’t give up hope! I have compiled a list of the top Color Street problems and how to fix them so you can keep loving your nail polish strips.

And with any mixed mani, make sure you know how to properly reseal and save unused strips so that they don’t dry out on you! You don’t want to miss out on any potential nail art with those retired sets you haven’t opened yet.

These photos do not belong to me and all watermarks have been left intact when present.

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Neon colors are the best way to brighten up a manicure or pedicure for the summer months!

Sets used: Shockwave, Costa Rica Escape
Sets used: Supercharged, Most Definitely (retired)
Sets used: Kilowatt, (holographic nail foil)
Sets used: High Voltage, Cape Coral


Floral patterns are always perfect whether it’s tropical or not!

Sets used: Belgian Buttercup, Swiss and Tell,
Champagne Sugar (retired), Take Care, Plaid About You, Sahara Jewel
Sets used: Between the Lines, Palm Before the Storm,
Electric City (retired), Kilowatt, Swiss and Tell
Sets used: Flamin-goals, Take Care, Are you Madrid-ing Me?
Sets used: Giza Sands, Swiss and Tell, Polka Dot-Com,
Belgian Buttercup, How’s it Growing, Made In Milan, Sahara Jewel, Champaign Sugar (retired)


I don’t know why, but fruit nail art and summer always go hand in hand.

Sets used: Cape Coral, Palm Before the Storm, Belgian Buttercup,
Mermaid You Look, Shamrockin’ and Rollin’ (retired), Swiss and Tell, Between the Lines
Sets used: Pineapple Paradise (retired), Queen of green (retired)
Sets used: Are You Madriding Me?, Polka Dot-Com, City of Love, Snake My Day (retired), Oslo and Steady

Pool Day

Take a splash with these water/pool day inspired looks! A little mermaid is always okay in the summer!

Sets used: Long Time No Sea, Mermaid You Look,
Coming Up Rose Gold
Sets used: Pink Paradise (retired), Mind Matters (retired), Mermaid You Look
Pool Color Street combos for summer 2021
Sets used: Are you Madrid-ing me?, Paint the town, Mermaid you look

Animal Print

I have animal print included in the Color Street combos for summer 2021, but let’s be honest. Animal print is always a good option!

Sets used: Show & Shell, High Voltage
Sets used: French City of Love, Spot On, (hot pink sharpie)
Sets used: Coming Up Rose Gold, Spot On
Sets used: Kilowatt, Show & Shell


These are just amazing Color Street combos for summer 2021 that didn’t seem to fit into the other categories.

Sets Used: Aspen Sky, Swiss and Tell, London Calling, At the Plaza, Space Case, No Way San Jose, Clear as Day
(circle craft hole punch)
Sets used: Midnight In Manhattan, Czech Me Out, Glittersweet, Aspen Sky, Fort Worth It
Sets used: Shockwave, Bandana Republic, Swiss and Tell
Sets used: Swiss and Tell, Paint the town, Midnight in Manhattan, Clear As Day

Not seeing the Color Street combos for summer 2021 that tickles your fancy? Comment below what type of nailfie inspiration you’re looking for and I can try to find it and send it your way!

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