Top 5 Best Color Street Pedicure Tips

If you didn’t know yet, you can use Color Street on your toes! You’ll also be surprised how easy it is if you follow these Color Street pedicure tips – despite whether you’re using the pedicure or manicure strips. It’s summer and I don’t want my friends to have naked toes in flip flops or sandals!

Yes, I did say pedicure OR manicure strips. Color Street has designed pedicure nail polish strips that are shaped slightly different than the regular manicure strips.

  • They are NOT double sided – This isn’t necessary because there are other ways to get more out of each strip (hint: toe nails are really small).
  • They are shaped wider at the cuticle – This is to account for the larger nail beds of the big toes and just the normal anatomy of toes vs finger nails.
Color Street pedicure tips showing size difference between pedicure strips and manicure strips

Color Street does not offer many colors in the pedicure shape, but you can see what’s available here.

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Now let’s get to the top Color Street pedicure tips!

Go Slow

I can’t emphasize this one enough. If you’re quick at applying Color Street on your finger nails, you won’t likely have much of an issue. However, you will be at a different angle than you normally are at and further away from the nails. If you’re like me and blind as a bat, you’ll want to go slow to get as close to the cuticle as you can while being able to remove any excess strip.

Even when going slow, you’re still going to be done much faster than if you were to try to paint your nails with liquid polish at home. And remember, no more foam toe separators!

Prep is Everything

Prepping your toes is one of the most essential Color Street pedicure tips. It’s easy to forget about cleaning the toe nails and removing cuticles. However, if you forget to, don’t plan on your pedicure lasting all summer like it could have. The best time to prep your toe nails is immediately after a shower. At that time your cuticles are soft and you should be able to push back or remove the cuticle growth over the nail easily. Don’t want to wait for a shower? Use this cuticle remover to speed up the process and prep on the go!

Despite toes not being quite as oily as fingers, you should always try to remember to use the included alcohol prep pads to clean the nails just prior to application. You can follow these other Color Street tips for understanding the basic application process.

Prop Your Foot Up

This will help you get close to your toe nails while keeping them stable enough to work on. If you keep your toes on the ground and then bend forward to apply the nail polish strips, you’ll probably end up dizzy since it’s not a super quick application. And we don’t want anyone falling over mid pedicure. The more Color Street pedicure tips the better!

They actually make a travel salon step footrest for at home pedicures that make doing your toes a breeze! I haven’t actually used it as I always seem to have a couch or chair to prop up on. However, if you’re less mobile or need some extra light on your toes this thing will be incredibly handy!

Tools Are Your Friend

While you might not need tools such as a cuticle pusher on your finger nails, one can be very useful when removing excess strip along the cuticle or pushing the strip onto the nail if you have really tiny baby toes like me. Another tool that isn’t as commonly used is a cuticle pumice stone. This works better to get the skin growth on the nail bed than a simple cuticle pusher. Just don’t push too hard as it can scratch your nail bed.

Using Manicure Strips for Feet

You can (and should if you like the color or design) use the manicure Color Street strips on your feet! Just follow this extra tip for getting the best pedicure with manicure strips.

**Keep in mind that these tips are IN ADDITION to the above mentioned Color Street pedicure tips.

Cut Strips In Half (or smaller)

As stated earlier, the manicure strips are somewhat longer than the pedicure strips. Because of this and the fact that typically people keep their toe nails short, it makes applying the strips a lot easier if they’re smaller to start with. The manicure strips will tend to fall over and get in the way if left as one long piece. And if you cut the manicure strip in half, you’ll have 2 pieces you can use on 2 different toes (since they’re double sided). A manicure scissors works great for those!

Color Street pedicure tips when using manicure strips on toes

That’s it! Those are all my top at home Color Street pedicure tips. Have you tried any of these? What other tips do you have? Share them below!


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