Help! Hair Getting Caught Under Nail Strips!

Have you experienced that annoying feeling of hair getting caught under nail strips and then before you know it they’re peeling off? Rest assured you’re not alone, but you don’t have to continue to suffer. If you’re reading this you probably WANT to love your nail polish strips (Color Street or other), but this problem is preventing you. Don’t give up and give these tips a try!

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Q-Tip & Nail Polish Remover

My favorite way to stop hair getting caught under nail strips is by dipping a Q-tip (or rubber cuticle pusher) into nail polish remover. Then you simply swipe that Q-tip around the edges of the strip. This will re-adhere the nail polish strip back down making it flush again with the nail bed. This can be more of a problem with thicker, layered nail art looks that bulk up around the cuticle.

How to keep hair getting caught under nail strips using Q-tip and nail polish remover

If you opt for the cuticle pusher instead of the Q-tip, make sure it is rubber and not metal. The metal will likely cut through the strip as well which you don’t want.

Don’t want to use up your other nail polish remover doing this? Grab a nail polish remover pen and simply swipe over thee edges of the strip with that!

Won’t this remove the color or design? The key is to use a gentle touch, but firm enough to push the strip down. If you use too much remover you can see the color fade. It may take some trial and error to get the feel for it, but it will work!

Seal With A Top Coat

Another way to keep hair getting caught under nail strips would be to apply a top coat of liquid nail polish over your strips. Not only does this keep your nail polish strips flush with the nail bed by filling in the grooves, but it strengthens them to prevent any premature cracking or chipping. You can find more application tips like that here.

Liquid top coats that work to stop hair getting caught under nail strips

Any top coat will do to solve the problem of hair getting caught under nail strips. You can even get creative with a matte or glitter top coat for added effect!

Scrub With Tools Not Nails

For me, this problem is the worst in the shower. I have incredibly long hair and it takes some scrubbing to get it all clean. However, if you want to keep hair getting caught under nail strips stop using your nails as tools! There is a saying that nails are accessories, not tools. Ever since I started using a scalp massager brush I’ve noticed hair getting caught less because I’m scrubbing less with my nails on my scalp. I can’t explain this one, but I’ve also noticed that my hair is smoother and I’m using less shampoo/condition. For such an inexpensive item, it’s worth giving it a try.

a tool used to stop hair getting caught under nail strips

You can use tools like this head massager brush outside of the shower too! Whenever your head is itchy, reach for this instead of using your nails.

While we’re on the topic of tools to use instead of our nails, here’s a neat tool to open cans so you don’t break your beautiful creations!.

Layer Strips Properly

One of the biggest problems with hair getting caught under nail strips is that they’re layered too thick. This creates a ledge that hair can use to wiggle its way underneath. Layering is important for strength, but it can give you different looks when using more than one color. The best way to layer is to apply the first strip further away from the cuticle line, but not too far. Then you apply the second strip exactly at the cuticle edge (never ON the cuticle as this will cause lifting and more ways for hair to get caught). This way the nail strip will lay flush with the nail bed still.

How to prevent hair getting caught under nail strips with proper laying technique.

I hope these tips have been helpful! They definitely worked for me to keep hair getting caught under nail strips. If you can master this step, I know you’ll have renewed faith and love in them! Tell me how this works for you!


How to stop hair getting caught under nail strips

4 thoughts on “Help! Hair Getting Caught Under Nail Strips!”

  1. Julie Cromwell-Woodhouse

    I too have very long hair and have found these suggestions to be game changers! Funny how small adjustments can make such a big difference 🙂

    1. Julie! I’m so happy these suggestions worked for you! It’s amazing if you’re willing to do a little troubleshooting you can enjoy Color Street (or any nail wrap/strip) again!

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