5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Macro Lens for Your Smartphone

Phones are getting more and more powerful every year and that includes the cameras they come with. However, they have yet to accomplish a preinstalled phone macro lens. This may seem like something you don’t need, but I promise that you do. There’s a reason why you need a macro lens. It gives you the power of clarity in small objects to get creative photos to show the world.

Updated August 22, 2021

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First of all, I take a lot of photos of my nails. It’s my main side hustle in addition to this blog. Making sure I have very clear photos of my nail art is a must, but having very clear close up photos gives me that edge I’m looking for. Especially when it comes to glitter. Glitter is best seen in sunlight and really close up, in case you were wondering.

I was looking for a macro lens for my iPhone 7 (I know, super outdated) that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg. It’s hard to spend a lot of money on something you’re not sure you even need. A quick google search led me to the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. It was reasonably priced and had great reviews. All macro photos within this post were taken with that exact macro lens to give you some photographic evidence for why you need a macro lens.

Regardless, once I started taking macro shots with my new lens I was floored at the quality!

Macro photo of nails taken with a macro lens
Macro photo of a sandy seashell with a macro lens

Reasons why you need a macro lens for your smartphone

1. Clarity
You absolutely cannot get clear close up photos with the camera on your phone alone. You can try, and try hard, but you’ll never get close to what a macro lens can give you.

2. Size
Even if you have one of the larger smartphones, it is still going to be smaller and less bulky than an actual camera. You’ll be able to get into those spaces to get close and personal with your subject a lot easier.

3. Price
You absolutely can get a reasonably priced macro lens without sacrificing quality. I definitely recommend the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit which gets you a wide angle lens too! Special lenses for a camera can set you back hundreds – and that’s after you purchase the camera itself! Better to just add to the phone you already have and use daily. You can’t forget it then!

4. Easy
Most phone external lenses simply clip on to the phone itself. Others come with a case that the lens snaps in to. Once the lens is attached you simply use the camera feature like normal!

5. Shoots Everything
When you think macro lens, you probably think close up photos of flowers, bugs, or snowflakes. However, another reason why you need a macro lens is that you can absolutely shoot everything and anything! Think food, clothing, jewelry, and paper! I typically use it for my nail polish art both on and off of the nails to get stunning glitter photos.

If there’s any reason to prove to you why you need a macro lens for your smartphone is simply the amazingly different shots you can get that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit may just open up an entire new world of photography for you, you just never know! If you’ve never used a macro lens or any external lens with your phone before, it really should be something you play around with and I hope you do!


intro photo about why you need a macro lens for your smartphone

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