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The Only imPRESS Nail Review You Need

Seriously, this is the only imPRESS nail review you’ll need. It’s honest and goes over everything you can think of. But first, a little introduction to the imPRESS nail brand. If you haven’t heard of this brand before this review, you’ll likely know the KISS brand as it is a well known brand in the nail polish community. They have created budget friendly nail accessories and products since the 1990s including nail stickers, glue on nails, and at home acrylic kits. I’m sure you’ve seen their products everywhere from Walgreens to Walmart. The imPRESS nails are part of same KISS nails parent company as well, but were not developed until 2012 and have taken the world by storm.

I love trying new nail products and I decided to give these a go and give an imPRESS nail review!


  • Great price
  • Easy application
  • Lasting hold
  • Beautiful colors and designs
  • Reusable


  • Difficult to file down shorter
  • Limited to sizes provided
  • fuzz sticks to adhesive under nail

Below are the full details about the pros and cons for this imPRESS nail review. If you have any particular question that I didn’t answer make sure to leave a comment! I will try to update and answer questions as they arise.

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The Price

I started with price for this imPRESS nail review because before you even get to the try the product the price is what you’ll notice first. The price for these press on nails is anywhere from $6.99 to $10.99. This is an extremely budget friendly price as most nail polish bottles cost more than that for one color! And not to mention the price of getting something this good at a salon $40+! The imPRESS nails include accent colors and gems making them a multi-dimensional nail products. You also get 30 nails in each package giving you many different sizes to fit.


Attached to the instruction pamphlet they include a wooden cuticle pusher as well as an alcohol prep pad. However, they also recommend washing your hands prior to application. You always want to get all the oils off your nails/fingers prior to applying any nail polish product as it can affect how well it can stick.

There’s not much to say about application for this imPRESS nail review. Once you’ve found your size, they’ll literally peel and stick! It’s that simple! I put most of the pressure back and fourth at the base of the nail to push them down. It’s definitely one of the easier products out there to apply, especially for how flawless they look at the end. This is even easier and faster than some nail polish wraps out there.

Make sure you apply to bare nails as well. I made the mistake of putting them on top of my Color Street nail polish strips and ended up losing a couple nails shortly after.

Size Selection/Lengths

There definitely seems to be a decent amount of different sizes to choose from, 30 total press on nails to choose from. They recommend finding all of your sizes before applying, but I just kind of found one, attached it, and moved onto the next. Each of the different nails shows the nail size 0-11 on a tag attached to the plastic backing of the adhesive. This makes it easier to know which nail to use for which finger, especially if you’ve used the original KISS nails or any other press on nails before. Otherwise it’s not difficult to lay them over the nail to check sizes.

The length is an issue for me, however. They are longer than I would like since I work in healthcare. We’re not allowed to have long nails. You can file them down, but it. takes. foreverrrrrr. Probably took me about 20-30 minutes to just sit there and file both hands. And you’ll really need a good nail file like a crystal glass nail file that keeps it’s grit. However, once I had them file down to the length I prefer, they almost started to feel less like a press on nail and more “one with my nail.”

And in case you were wondering, they sell special sizing for kids and petite press on nails that are shorter and for smaller nail beds.

I also noticed that if your natural nail isn’t long enough to cover the entire adhesive strip on the imPRESS nail, fuzz and other debris will end up sticking to it. You don’t typically show the underside of your nails so it’s not a huge deal, but worth noting.


There’s a lot more hold than I really thought there would be. I literally applied them to my nails and started typing this imPRESS nail review without any issues as far as feeling like they were lifting. I also was able to scratch my head shortly after application without any issues either! There doesn’t seem to be any problems with catching on hair. I can run my nails through my hair and it doesn’t catch (I have really long hair too!). I also just opened a can of cat food and my nail didn’t pop off! WIN!

One of my favorite things about these imPRESS nails is the fact that they are reusable! After removing them and taking off the adhesive with nail polish remover, you can apply new adhesive stickers to the underside of the nails and reapply!


The colors are very vibrant and they have about 70 different choices. There’s everything from irresistible colors, matte, glossy & chrome finishes—adorned with glitter, 3D crystals, colored stones, and more. Shop Now to see all the available colors for yourself!

Final Thoughts

As you can see their aren’t many cons in this imPRESS nail review. I would definitely recommend the ImPRESS nails for anyone who is looking for a quick yet budget friendly nail product. They are long lasting, BEAUTIFUL, and cost a fraction of the price of a professional nail salon. They are smooth and look flawless from day one. Even if you’re not typically a press on nail type of gal/guy/whoever, I think this is a product you could definitely get behind and enjoy! Give the imPRESS nails a try and let me know what you think!


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