Stay Organized in the Kitchen with Command Strips

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If you live in an apartment or small home like I do, finding ways to stay organized in the kitchen is essential! You only have so many cabinets and drawers to put everything in an already small space and damaging the walls may not be on your list of things to do.

This focuses on 3M Command products that can be found at almost any store including Target, hardware stores, and of course Amazon! The beauty of 3M Command products is that you can stick them to almost anything to hang/organize. The possibilities are endless! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get your kitchen where you want it to be.

Need a little bit of a few different sizes/shapes? Get a variety pack that has enough to hang up to 19 different things!

Here are examples of my favorite ways to get organized!

Spices/Spice Rack

Having all your spices organized in the kitchen and easily accessible when you need them is important. Why would you want to hunt for your seasoning and omit it because you can’t find what you need?

In my kitchen, I used the medium sized wire hooks to hold up my most used spices off the counter. They’re on the back wall so I can still grab and go when I need to.

Plastic Bags/Food Wrap Rolls

If you haven’t caught the theme yet, the wire hooks are amazing and can do so much! Again, I used them to hang some bins to keep my plastic bags and rolls of tinfoil controlled. Hanging them on the wall frees up much needed usable space in the drawers of any small kitchen!

For my plastic bags, I actually used a medical glove holder. It’s wider than a lot of the boxes, but you can stack them like a game of Tetris to hold them in place. The bin my food wrap rolls are in is simply a wall file holder!

Want to keep them horizontal and ready to use? Slide a wooden dowel through the box and use 2 Command hooks to keep it up on the inside of a cabinet door!

Measuring Cups

Here come the wire hooks again to save the day by getting organized in the kitchen! This time I used the small wire hooks. I’m always losing the smaller measurements when they are stuck in drawers. Using the hooks to hang them inside of a cabinet door gives them their own space somewhere that isn’t usually utilized.

You could get really creative and label above each hook with the exact measurement too!

Lids (Pots and Pans)

The lids to all your pots and pans can take up a lot of space in a cabinet or they end up getting shoved so far back you can’t reach them! One of the easiest ways to keep them accessible and organized is by keeping them on the cabinet door with these Command Hooks! They won’t take up any flat space and they are at the front to grab quickly!

Depending on the size and quantity of your lids, you may have to use more than one cabinet door. You could also just put your most used lids on the door instead of trying to get all of them hung.

Under the Sink

Grab a basket, some Command hooks and store your sponges and other kitchen gadgets on the door of your sink! Leave the flat space in the cabinet for more important things like cleaning supplies! They also sell a plastic caddy that include the mounting strips so you don’t need to search for anything else.

Trash Bags

Is your trash bag too big for your bin? Flip a Command hook upside down and attach to your trash bin on both sides! Then you can loop the handles around the hook and the bag will stay in place as you throw things away!

Appliance cords

Do you have kitchen appliances sitting on your counter? Does the cord just get in the way of everything and takes up space? Try wrapping it up and attaching it to the appliance itself with a Command Cord Bundler! It doesn’t matter if the cord is plugged in or not. Just make sure to give enough slack in the bundle to reach the outlet.


Last, but definitely not least: Baskets. This essentially covers most other things you can do to stay organized in your kitchen. Hanging baskets can make more space that you didn’t have originally. You can put things in them that you don’t use very often keeping the cabinet space free for the things you do. If the basket fits your décor it looks more like a decoration than storage anyway!

Not a fan of how the 3M Command hooks look like? DIY them! Paint them and decorate them in a way that matches your décor and color scheme. They also carry some that are more elegant looking than cheap plastic.

How have you gotten organized in the kitchen? Did any of these tips inspire you? Let me know in the comments!

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