How to dry nail polish fast in 2 minutes or less!

As someone who paints her nails a lot, there’s nothing more irritating than the dry time. Waiting and waiting and waiting to have dry nails just makes me want to not paint them altogether! But then the nail polish wins and I have naked nails for another week which isn’t fun either. Keep reading if you want to learn how to dry nail polish fast!

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Here are a couple tricks I’ve learned that make my nails dry fast in 2 minutes or less!

Updated August 22, 2021

Cold water trick

This is essentially what it sounds like. Grab a bowl of cold water, throw a couple ice cubes in it, and get to work. After you’ve painted all your nails and they’ve air dried for about 1 minute, stick your fingers in the cold water. You’ll know they’re “done” when you see water beading up on the top of your nails. That’s how you dry nail polish fast!

Just don’t stick your nails in the water immediately after painting. The paint needs a little time to adhere to the nail first. Get even more festive by making nail polish bottle and cosmetic ice cubes to throw into the bowl of water!

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Deep Frying

Just kidding. You’re not deep frying your nails, but you ARE using cooking oil to learn how to dry nail polish fast! The oil soaks in and thins out the nail polish allowing for fast drying nails. You can use baby oil, olive oil, or even the spray cooking oil, but make sure to use a dropper or a steady hand to control how much oil you pour. You don’t need much for each nail. The “cooking” is done when you see oil beading on top of your nails just like with the water technique.

Added benefit of this technique is that the oil runs into your cuticles to moisturize them. So it’s like a double win and everyone could use more cuticle moisturizing in their life. I never said learning how to dry nail polish fast wasn’t messy!

Drying Drops/Spray

You may not have known this, but there are products for everything nowadays. That includes drops or a spray that eliminate the time it takes to have dry nails. This may be easier than trying not to pour an entire bottle of olive oil onto your nails, but definitely not the cheaper option. OPI makes some great drying products that have the reviews to back it up!

Makeup setting spray will also do the trick. If that’s something you already have, give it a go first instead of buying new things. Finding new ways to use products you already own is fun in its own way too!

Nail Blow Out

Using a hair dryer seems like something you shouldn’t try, but it actually works better than a fan. I recommend using a mini hair dryer with a cool setting so that you don’t burn your fingers off while trying to look cute. Also, make sure not to use the hair dryer too close to the nails as it may cause bubbles to form in the nail polish.

Quick drying nail polish

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people don’t know this type of polish exists! My favorite is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colors because the price is budget friendly and still dries quickly. Another tip to learn how to dry nail polish fast would be to pain thin layers instead of thick goopy ones. Thin coats will also make your manicure more even as a bonus.

Let me know which technique works best for you!


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