About Me

The Happy Rainbow is a place for all things DIY nails! I aim to help the beginner DIY nail artists in their journey of creativity! There’s always something new to learn within the nail community as well even if you’ve been around for a time or two.

I’ve been painting my nails since high school and to date myself that would be about 2005. However, I always stuck to the traditional one or two coats of a single color of nail polish. About 3 years ago I started looking into other (and better) avenues for painting my nails. I came across Color Street nail polish strips and immediately fell in love! They are what got me back into the nail polish community and to learn to be more authentically me on my nails. Color Street gave me the ability to paint my nails quickly without the dry time or smudging that usually occurred. 

Now I’m on a mission to learn it all and do it all while taking you with me! Let me make all the mistakes and do everything wrong first! My nails are the canvas and the world is my paintbrush? 

Come live the Happy Rainbow life with me, Emily, your one stop shop for nails!