Color Street January Exclusive: Cosmic Cloud

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COSMIC CLOUD IS NOT AVAILABLE ANY LONGER: Contact me to find out what the new Color Street January Exclusive is!

Color Street’s Valentine’s 2021 Day Collection is available now!
DEEP SPACE launched yesterday, too! It’s full of the cosmic wonder Cosmic Cloud brought in 2020!

What’s a new year without new nails?

Color Street January Exclusive Cosmic Cloud nail polish strips

Purple has long been associated with wisdom, spirituality, and wealth. Because it is a color that does not occur often in nature, it was a highly coveted color to wear. Knowing that, it makes perfect sense why Color Street decided to make their first hostess exclusive a beautiful purple glitter! Is there a better way to start off the new decade 2020 by feeling smart, connected, and rich?

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Throughout the month of January, every qualifying party ($150+ in sales) will receive TWO sets of the Color Street January exclusive Cosmic Cloud nail strips. You can keep one for yourself and give the other to a friend because this is in addition to all the already fantastic rewards each hostess gets! (See image below for rewards scale)

Graph of Color Street hostess rewards.

Interested in learning more about how you can earn these beautiful nail polish strips? CLICK HERE and fill out my contact form and I will be sure to reach out to you!

Put the YOU back in JanYOUary!

Use this first month of the year to take some time for yourself and for your friends! Share the beauty of Color Street while earning product as well as having some much needed YOU time after the busy holidays. Online parties are perfect because you get to relax on your couch in your pajamas while talking nail polish with your friends! There’s no need to leave the house or put on make up.

Image of Cosmic Cloud Color Street on real nails with hair clip.
Image of Cosmic Cloud Color Street on real nails.

As a Color Street Stylist, we are also available to earn these exclusive hostess nail strips by simply hosting our own party! (Yes, we can earn hostess rewards in addition to our commission!) Learn more about being your own Nail Boss!

Independent Color Street Stylist

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Flyer for the January Host Incentive.

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