Color Street and COVID-19

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Color Street Stylist. Any views, tips, suggestions, or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to myself and do not necessarily represent the Color Street company.

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is so much uncertainty. People are losing their jobs, businesses are shutting down, and schools have closed. All of this is in an attempt to “flatten the curve” and prevent the virus from reaching even more families. Color Street is doing everything they can to keep people safe while providing the nail polish we love.

Color Street released a statement on what they are doing in response to COVID-19 to its Stylists via email. I have decided to share this with you because it seems like the right thing to do. As customers, you deserve to know this information as well. Please read through this carefully and know that Color Street is determined to keep us safe! The following is a quote from Colby Waisath our VP of Sales as to keep Color Street’s words unaltered.

“Dear Stylists,
As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, we want to provide an update to a previous version of the letter we sent last week with updates regarding how we are adapting and continuing to provide a safe and productive environment here at your Home Office.

First and foremost, our thoughts go out to all those who have been impacted by COVID-19. We urge you to adhere to your state and community guidelines to slow the spread and flatten the curve; the health and safety of you and your loved ones is of the utmost concern, and we continue to keep this in mind as we work hard to keep business operating safely and responsibly.

Are we taking precautions with our products?

Yes. We are complying with and enforcing all CDC guidelines throughout our facility. As reported previously, we are still reducing outside client visits, greatly increasing the cleaning process within our facilities, stopped all new hiring, and where appropriate, our team members are wearing gloves.

Is the Home Office team safe?

Yes. We are striving to provide an environment which will allow our employees a safe space to work while remaining sensitive to everyone’s needs. We currently have all employees who are not essential to production working from home, and have adjusted our essential workfoce by reducing the number of staff in the building by half at one time. In order to accomplish this, we have transition to running two daily shifts, which rigourous sanitation practices at the beginning and end of each shift. We have also provided hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes to team members, and continue to encourage anyone who feels ill to remain at home.

Will I get my products?

Today, we continue to manufacture your favorite Made In America products as normal. Shipping time has been impacted by Spring launch volume, but we are working to ship your products as quickly as possible.

We are committed to each one of our Stylists and customers and doing everything possible to resume our normal operations while still remaining sensitive to the fluid nature of the situation. We are monitoring daily and prepared to adjust if needed along the way.

We have you all in mind through this very unexpected and difficult time and want to thank you all for all you do as part of the Color Street Family. We will continue to focus on health, safety, and mental well-being here at the Home Office, and know you will all do the same within your families and local communities. As always, we will keep you posted with any developments.

Colby Waisath
Vice President of Sales”

IMPORTANT: They have noted that processing time can take up to 10 days before shipment at this time.

The increased processing time is due to decreased staffing and extra cleaning processes. I hope you can understand, but there is always the option of 2 day shipping for $8 through FedEx. This will not speed up the processing time, but it will take half the time to ship. You can order any time here:

If you are unable to wait for one reason or another, you can shop my personal inventory! Join our VIP community on Facebook or message me directly to see if I have what you need. And if I don’t have it, I can likely find it from someone on my team. We work together to make sure ALL of our customers and friends get what they want!

Above all, we will get through this together!

Independent Color Street Stylist

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