Ultimate List of Unique 2021 Color Street Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is quickly approaching and now is the time to decide what 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration you’re going to use to create your own manicure. Some of the really intricate designs will take time and multiple colors. Now is the time to order what Color Street colors you’ll need and plan a day to do them.

Updated Friday October 27, 2021 to include A LOT more nailfies! Enjoy!

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Here’s some great 2021 Color Street Halloween Inspiration to start with!


2021 Color Street Halloween Inspiration nailfie with bones
Only in Vegas + Glow Getter

The photo below is one of my most favorite unique designs! Using pieces of Glow Getter to make glow in the dark bones on a glittery black background. Don’t have any Glow Getter? Use Swiss and Tell for that pristine white bone color. Don’t forget to cover everything with a good top coat or Clear As Day to keep the smaller pieces from lifting up.

Feeling Fab-boo-lous + Glittersweet + Glow Getter + Midnight in Manhattan

Love ghosts, but don’t love the busy design of Fab-boo-lous? Simply cut out the ghost pieces and use them like nail decals! I love this design because it’s simple and still glow in the dark! Not to mention this 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration adds some glitter where there was none previously.

Shape Shifter + Undercover + Midnight in Manhattan + Feeling Fab-boo-lous
Feeling Fab-boo-lous + Bat’s Amore
Ibiza Nights + Boo Crew + Heat Wave


Jack of All Trades + Midnight in Manhattan + Giza Sands + Web of Lies + Decals

This nailfie uniquely utilizes the pumpkins and spiders from two different Color Street sets to get a complete Halloween design. My favorite nail is the one with Giza Sands as a base with cut out pumpkins from Jack of All Trades. You can find similar Halloween nail art decals like the one used on Amazon.

Soho-ver It + High Voltage + Jack of All Trades + Alter Ego

I love this pumpkin 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration because it’s not just all pumpkins. It uses some more glitter as well as a solid orange.

Hey Pumpkin + Best of Both Swirls + Midnight in Manhattan
Jack of All Trades + Soho-ver It
Gleam On + Jack of All Trades + Web of Lies


Swiss and Tell + Baton Rougey + Midnight in Manhattan + Only in Vegas + nail decal

If IT is one of your favorite Halloween movies you should definitely use this IT nailfie for your 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration! The red balloon was made with Baton Rougey using a balloon shaped hole punch. Then a black sharpie was used for the outline and string. A Pennywise waterslide nail art decal was used for his face.

Solar Flare + Show and Shell + Midnight Shift + Mojave Gold + Web of Lies + Better Late Than Feather + Upper East Side

This design is based on the movie The Mummy! It includes spiders, scarabs, and even a mummy too! The nice thing about Color Street nail polish strips is that they work perfectly to look like mummy wrapping/bandages as you can see the layers beneath. The bandages were made with the solid strips from Show and Shell.

Midnight in Manhattan + Swiss and Tell + Hey Sailor (China Glaze)

Here is a great example of using a Cricut to create nail decals! Don’t ask me how because I don’t have a cricut, but my sister does so I’m hoping I can experiment the night time I see her! Michael Myers’ face and knife were made out of adhesive vinyl with the Cricut.

The blood splatter is made with the color Hey Sailor by China Glaze. Yes, it is regular nail polish, but I never promote Color Street by itself anymore. There are so many ways to create nail art that you shouldn’t just limit yourself to one brand. This Stylist dipped the end of a straw in the liquid polish and then blew it out onto her nails for the splatter effect. It looks amazing!

Midnight in Manhattan + Secret Identity + High Voltage + Alter Ego + Between the Lines + Night Terror + Feeling Pine + Ring It In + Glow-getter + Web of Lies + Lavish Lavender

Who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus?? Here are a couple great designs for your 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration!

Solar flare + Swiss and Tell + Midnight in Manhattan + You’re Corally Invited + Cran-tastic + red nail tape + Ibiza Nights + Feeling Pine + gold nail tape + Manchester Mauve + purple nail tape + cat nail decal


Bad Blood + American Dream + Midnight in Manhattan + Gaelic Greenery + Kilowatt
Kilowatt + Black Tie Optional + Undercover + sharpie

For an extremely unique and fun design, why not go with Frankenstein? This is a fun take on the French Tip as well as having a entire nail dedicated to his face. As a tip, when using sharpie/permanent marker to write on Color Street use Clear As Day to seal it all in. Liquid nail polish top coats can easily smear the lines ruining all your hard work.

Soho-ver It + Glow-Getter + Cat’s All Folks + Kilowatt
Midnight in Manhattan + Kilowatt + Meet Me in Paris + Clear As Day

The creativity of some Stylists never cease to amaze me! Just look at this bride of Frankenstein design! She used a black fine tipped Sharpie to draw on the stiches as well as the eyes and eyelashes.


Feeling Fab-boo-lous + Heat Wave + Midnight in Manhattan + Web of Lies

This is another one of my favorite designs I’ve come across. This one utilizes Feeling Fab-boo-lous, but not any of the ghost strips. Heat Wave Stylist exclusive was used for the orange, but you could easily recreate that color with High Voltage and Alter Ego!

Fired Up + Web of Lies + Swiss and Tell underneath nail art decal

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration using Fired Up from the new Prism FX strips. This really gives some bloody vibes while still sparkling. This particular design used a matte top coat over everything to give it a muted look if you don’t want so much shine.

Supercharged + Shape Shifter + Kilowatt + Light Year + Web of Lies

This design is definitely not your typical color scheme for Halloween, but I think it would be great inspiration for non traditional Halloween lovers. Shape Shifter is over Supercharged and Kilowatt to give it that shimmer look.

Creep It Real + Breaking Plaid + Chelsea Ya Later + Web of Lies
She’s A Trooper + Web of Lies

If you’re looking for a design that is festive, but not overly bright or crazy this one might be for you! It’s a beautiful subtle design with the solid green and spider webs. This Stylist put a matte top coat over all her nails, but if you wanted the shine you could leave that off.

Ibiza Nights + Swiss and Tell + Web of Lies + Midnight in Manhattan + Clear As Day
Amazing Greige + Midnight in Manhattan + Web of Lies + Over the Moon
Soho-ver It + Kilowatt + Web of Lies


Web of Lies + Kissing Booth + Fortune Teller

Did someone say Spiderman? These nails are a unique take on the Spiderman theme with a little bit of a rugged look.

Bad Blood + Bloody Gorgeous + Web of Lies + Midnight in Manhattan + Swiss and Tell
Bad Blood + Strobe Lights + Web of Lies


In October we wear Pink!

Pink Power + Midnight in Manhattan + Wannabe + Glow-getter + Web of Lies
Boo Crew + Pink Power + Alter Ego

This Stylist decided to support breast cancer awareness for October as well as be festive for Halloween! I think she did a great job and Alter Ego makes everything better!

Cat Eyes

Midnight in Manhattan + Cape Coral + Wondermint + Funny Bunny

As a crazy cat lady, I LOVE this nailfie! This stylist captured the look purrfectly! The whiskers were made with the solid strips from Funny Bunny, but Swiss and Tell would work great as well.

Kilowatt + Soho-ver It + Over the Moon + Night Terror

Here is another take on cat eyes for your 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration. It’s not as intricate as the last one, but if you’re short on time this design would be quicker and easier to recreate.


Bad Blood + Midnight in Manhattan

This nailfie is the perfect bloody inspiration for Halloween. Bad Blood has a natural shimmer/shine to it, but to get this exact look you’ll need to apply a liquid matte top coat prior to adding the Midnight in Manhattan ooze.

Material Ghoul + Light Year + Check Yourself (sideways) + Web of Lies + Swiss and Tell + Glittersweet
Havana Honey + Plaid About You + Baton Rougey + Amazon nail decal

Candy Corn

Only In Vegas + Midnight in Manhattan + Throwing Shade + Swiss and Tell + Keep Calm and Chevron +High Voltage + Jack of All Trades

This is the first candy corn design I’ve seen this fall! And typically it was made with Squeeze The Day which is a retired set. Using Throwing Shade is genius! I love the chevron accent as well.

Kilowatt + Supercharged + High Voltage + Jack of All Trades + Web of Lies + Belgian Buttercup + Swiss and Tell


Solar Flare + Midnight in Manhattan + Shape Shifter
Day by Day + Midnight in Manhattan + Swiss and Tell + Stamping polish/plates

Another great way to create your own 2021 Color Street Halloween inspiration is to use other techniques, too! This Stylist used stamping plates/polish to create the designs instead of trying to cut them out. It saves a lot of time and stamping polish doesn’t take long to dry since there isn’t much of it used. I used stamping over Color Street to create a star/galaxy design last summer.

Hopefully you’ve found some great inspiration to get you thinking about your Halloween manicure this year. Make sure to keep checking back as I add more and more to the list!

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